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Favourite Games: CHrono Cross (PSone), Silent Hill (PSone), Silent Hill 2,3,4 (PS2), Final Fantasy Series (PSone+PS2), Resident Evil  2 & 3 (Special Edition - PSone), Resident Evil Outbrake File 1&2 (PS2), Resident Evil 4 (PS2), Alone In The Dark (2008 édition limitée - PS3 & PC), Forbidden Siren (PS2), Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare (PSone), Thrill kill (PSone), Dragon Quest: Journey Of The Cursed King (PS2), Muppet Race Mania (PSone), Crash Bandicoot Series (PSone+PS2), Left 4 Dead 1&2 (PC - Steam), Clive Barker's Jericho (PC), Need For Speed 3 & 4 (Special Edition - PSone), Need For Speed: Most Wanted Black (Special Edition - PC),  Grand Theft Auto: London (PSone), Grand Theft Auto 2, 3, San Andreas, series (PS2 & PC), Devil May Cry Series (PS2), Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Sega Genesis & Sega Saturn), Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (PS2), Tony Hawk's Pro Skaters 1 & 2 (PSone), Tony Hawk's Pro Skaters 3 & 4 (PS2), Twisted Metal Series (PS0ne & PS2), SPORE (PC), Killing Floor (PC-Steam), Driver Parallel Lines (PS2-LimitedEdition), Test Drive Eve Of Destruction (PS2), Persona4 (Collectors Edition - PS2), Zombie Driver (PC - Steam), BLACK (FPS) (PS2), Alan Wake (Limited Edition - Xbox360), Killzone (PS2), City Of The Lost Children (PSX), Resident Evil Survival (PSX), Dino Crisis 1&2 (PSX), Legend Of Mana (PSone), Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 (PS2), Project Zero...(PS2)

Note: If you're owning or want to get some of these video games entitled as limited edition, special edition, collector's edition, etc. Then make sure to watch the making of dvd/cd before playing the video game. Many of these dvd/cds explain certain situations and other things in game that can come in handy in future gameplay. I hope this message helped.

 "Btw I don't play Jade Dynasty anymore (for a long time now) so don't ask me anything related to that game! Thank you."


Favourite Games:  Call Of Duty 4 (PC), Need For Speed: Most Wanted (PC), Need For Speed Underground 2 (PS2), Counter Strike Source (PC), Mortal Kombat Thrilogy (PSone), Resident Evil 2 (PSone)


 Currently Playing:  Counter Strike Source (PC), Left4Dead2 (PC - Steam)

and bunch of mini games on net XD

BASCH Ghost 

Favourite Games & Playing:  Silkroad, Guild Wars, EVE Online, Diablo II, Halo (1,2,3,ODST), Unreal Tournament III. (All On PC)


Favourite Games And Playing: GTA IV Series (Xbox360), EAskate2&3 (Xbox360), Midnight Club LA (Xbox360), Zombie Driver (PC), Insurgency (PC-steam)

 Usually playing new titles...


Favourite Games And Playing: Borderlands (Xbox360), C.O.D. Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox360), GTA IV Series (Xbox360), Tekken6 (Xbox360), Resident Evil 5 (Xbox360), Dirt2 (Xbox360), Dead Space (Xbox360), Dragon Age Origins (PC), Gears Of War (Xbox360), Prototype (PC), Fallout3 (Xbox360), Mass Effect (Xbox360), Devil May Cry Series (PS2 & Xbox360), Unreal Tournament Series (PC), Condemned (Xbox360)


Robbie Zombie 

Favourite Games And Playing:  Silent Hill Series (PS2), Half Life 2 Series (PC-Steam), Half Life Deathmatch (PC-Steam), Counter Strike Source (PC-Steam)

Kovach David 

Favourite Games:  Metal Gear Series (PSone, PS2 & PC), Resident Evil Series (PSone, PS2 & PC)

 Currently Playing: ?

Kovach Daniel 

 Favourite Games:  Resident Evil Series (PSone, PS2 & PC), CHrono Cross (PSone), Final Fantasy X (PS2), Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2&3 (PS2), Mortal Kombat Series (PSone & PS2),  Silent Hill (PS0ne), Tony Hawk's Pro Skaters Series (PS2), Call Of Duty 4 (PC)

 Currently Playing: ?


Currently Playing: 
Jade Dynasty (PC)
Crime Craft (PC)

Favourite Games:   Garry's Mod (PC-STEAM) 



Philip Mop 

Favourite Games:   Counter Strike Source (PC), GTA San Andreas (PC), Guitar Hero III (PC)

Currently Playing: 
Jade Dynasty (PC), World Of Worldcraft (PC), GTA IV (PC)




Favourite Games And Playing: Half Life, Half Life 2 Series, HL2 Deathmatch, Left For Dead 1&2, HALO (1,2,3,4...), Grand Theft Auto: Son Of San Andreas (GDA's 2007 beta mod) ... (ALL ON PC/STEAM)

images by: DjGDA86 

Mrki Max 

Favourite Games And Playing: Counter Strike Source (PC - Steam), Half Life 2 Deathmatch (PC-Steam)

Pyramid FUcK Head! 

Favourite Games And Playing: Resident Evil 1,2,3 (PSone), Resident Evil 4 (PS2), Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (PS2), Silent Hill (PSone), Silent Hill 2 & 3 (PS2), Counter Strike Source (PC - Steam), Half Life 2 Deathmatch (PC-Steam), Insurgency (PC-Steam)

 Gaming Projects - ON HOLD! ~read

Mainly working on GTA Series and HALF LIFE 2 Series mods... Also my production team is working on a survival horror video game about I can't say much just that I work on the music (BGM-OST), producing the sounds and voice over. Also working on some of the textures. At first we were making a game mod but later we decided to make a brand new game based on our mod, the development is still going slow but we don't want to rush with it, it's dun when it's dun. More info will be provided when the right time comes for it.

GTA:SA - DjGDA86's projects 


 ~ project name: Son Of A San Andreas (working title only)

 project started back in early 2007 - closed due to data loss in 2008 - revived in 2009, beta closed in 2010...

 ~ type of mod: Total retexturing, includes clothes, trees, cars, grass, floor, wall, etc. basically everything, that's why it's called "total retexturing"... + new car models, trees models, npcs, etc. I never wanted to ruin the game experience so I left the "in game year" which is 1991-1992 which means I added cars from that time and before that time, clothes and products, commercials enabled with that year etc. I have to state that I also made a modern age version which was actually the first thing that I started working on and it was titled "Son Of San Andreas" but with time I decided to leave GTA:SA concept too just to improve it. In the modern version of GTA:SA there were added new age cars, houses, clothes etc. you get the point... 

These mods were announced only on my previous website and on some friends websites, also I made lots of videos which I happen to have a lot... more then needed I guess, but I am sort of a video freak so yeah that explains a lot... all were made into dvd media and I decided to make a special cut form all the footage, there is really much stuff there and it needs the cut also there is another reason, I used some music from various famous artists and due to copyright I can't upload it to Youtube so it needs a re-dub... 

 2011 Update: 

Two Headed Eagle Productions and CH.024.Productions teamed up and we are working on a title called GTA:Belgrade,  (The Belgrade Stories - working title). I had this idea for a long time to make a GTA style game but never did it, now I met some people who have similar ideas as me for some time and are willing to do it. We are using GTA:SA as a engine and planning to make a map of Belgrade actually part of it, for now it will only take place there maybe we will expand the story to some different locations too but mainly the events will take in Belgrade. The vehicles will be same as the ones that can be seen driving around here in real life, the main objective is realism, at least as much as possible. There will be new peds, some of them will be ported from GTA4 or some other places but they will be edited, basically we will rebuild GTA:SA and make everything from scratch, what I mean is that the GTA:SA wont look like it at all. We also plan on enhancing the graphics which I think will be the smallest task actually the biggest problem now is to make a map and make it work. When it comes to the game's engine I personally wanted to build this game using the base of a GTA4 but we are stuck with GTA:SA since no one is completely familiar with GTA4 modding here. Another important not is that if I by the time manage to find/make a new more experienced team who are actually willing to make this project into an actual built from scratch video game and not just to be a GTA mod, then I am willing to leave the current one and make a move with the new one. My goal is that the game to look more for the current gaming standards, to look amazing, play and feel amazing but how all this will roll only time will tell, same goes for all my projects.

 GTAIII - DjGDA86's Projects

 ~ project name: NONE! simply GTAIII total retexturing  (as a working title)

 project started in early 2007 - closed in summer 2008 due to data loss - probably going to revive it sometime in 2011 (will be announced)

2011 update: Yes, I revived the project once again. You can see some progress in my DeaviantArt gallery. (feel free to leave a comment there if you want)

More info coming soon.

 Basic objective is converting everything into HD style.  Cars, trees, buildings, npcs etc.

Other Crap

"New The Best Of CH024 Gaming DvD Coming SoonWith Real Life Videos And Gaming Videos Mixed Up All In One" 


Region: Pal & Ntsc

Also Gaming Pictures, Screenshots And ART Coming Soon To This CH024 Gaming Page...

~ Link No Longer Available! ~


Working On "STEAM TEAM" Please Wait, Thank You - (page closed...)

2007/2008 > "Shadow.Of.Zero" ~Zombie Survival project~  (website abandoned a long time ago/no link) 

 content: My and my friend's Garry's Mod arts, edits, mods, videos etc. Website was all messed up and it was closed...  

Godary's TDU Site (website about the Test Drive Unlimited game, mods, pics, videos etc. abandoned long time ago but at least you might find something interesting there...)

...Spore, Resident Evil Series, Silent Hill Series, Left4Dead Series, KillingFloor, GTA Series, HalfLife2 Series + HL2Modes, Garry's-Mod, Final Fantasy Series, CHronoCroSS, Driver4, Experience112, Twisted Metal Series, D.I.P R.I.P, Crash Bandicoot Series, The Maw, Mortal Kombat Series, CH Zombie Survival (Beta)...  

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