"CH024" Means [C] = Crazy [H] = House [024] = Non Stop. Also number 24 is my birthdate number (24.02.86). We live in Subotica and the postal code is 24000 (024) so that number is almost always around and I found it kinda cool and had to add it to the C.H. logo.

Crazy House exists since year 2000.

~At 1st it was my art signature (GDA.Crazy.Man&CH)~ 

In the end of the year 2000 (beginning of 2001) Crazy House Crew has been born with over a "80" Members... it was a huge crew... For what? Don't ask :P

Over the years crew fell apart and new members rejoined.(with some of them I am still in touch) Btw that crew doesn't wears the CH024 name anymore it's something else...

C.H. (or CH024) was mainly always the mark for our music, movie/video, art releases and it remains for the same purposes... :)

"Posted By Daniel Godary (DjGodary) (May 2009)"


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