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                 Page Updated On April 2010 (By Daniel Godary)

 Title: Next Year (2010) We Will Make A Halloween And New Year Special!

 April 2010 Report:

I am not sure that we will able to do that due to bad organisations! I'll see what I can do... 31. October is far away so maybe there's hope that we finish all this...

I am sure in one thing though! I will make a "Halloween Special" in G.mod so you can prepare for that! ;)

 Title: Scream 4 Fun project (New Single And Album)

 April 2010 Report:

My band, the "Scream 4 Fun" fell apart back in 2007 (if memory serves me correct)... I was making music alone since then and the S4F project was abandoned. I wrote some ideas but it's still a empty shell... In 2009 Sinisha Nimchevic (guitarist) showed me some of his ideas and since then the S4F project revived. We still work on it. We also have other important things to do so it distracts us from the project. The process is slow but it's going in right direction. For now we have 10 demo tracks which needs to be re-recorded and re-worked. 

(The problem is always time and this idiotic country in which we live!)

 Genre: Metal, Rock, Electro, Industrial... 

 Title: CH024 DVDS! Director's Cuts (The Butchered Release)

 February 2010 Report:

 Home videos, Gaming DVDs, etc.

 All has been delayed due to last year's data loss! I have promised a lot but I am not the one to blame! Also I go for  quality and quality needs time! Thank you... 

 DVDS Info: __(number of dvds)__
 Movie titles:
_1. CH024 Home Movies/Videos Collection D.C.(5) _2. Dr.Prsli And Friends (1)                                            _3. CH024 Gaming DVDS!(5)  _4. DjGodaryD Music Collection DVD (1)
Region: NTSC/PAL (2 versions)
 LNG: Serbian/English
 Subs: English
 Release Date: November, December 2009 (???) / DELAYED!
 Also watchable on youtube on 27th November 2009 / DELAYED!

 More updates coming soon on the CH024 site! and on my Youtube Channel!

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 Title: dUb iLLegaLa

 February 2010 Report:

 Band: dUb ILLegaLa

 Members: CHowES, DjGodaryD. 

 Former/Guest Member: Frenky (Trenka)

 Style: Hip-Hop

 Language: Serbian

 More Updates Coming Soon!



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